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Skilled Learning Platform


Founder, SaraJane, knew there was a MAJOR gap in the education system. She experienced it working with her adult consulting clients and lived it out as a high-school public school teacher. When the lockdown brought light to families showing just how badly the traditional school systems had failed and were still failing us, she knew something needed to be created. 

She spent a couple of years building The Skilled APP (available in your APP store). And after just 6 months of focusing solely on educating teens & tweens, Skilled has now expanded to offer courses to all ages. She is currently welcoming other creators, instructors, and innovators from industries we ALL need to build the skills needed to reach our full potential. 

How It Works

Simply download the Skilled App from your Apple or Google app store. Create a login and start accessing a TON of content for just $9/mo (paid directly on your phone bill). Set up like Netflix or YouTube, you can learn at your own pace at any time of day from anywhere. You can watch what you want and skip what doesn't interest you. 

With the addition of new creators, you will soon be able to access included content from each creator. This will give you the ability to get to know them and their focus. When you find a topic, creator, or course you want to take, simply pay for that course and get instant access within the App. Which means NO paying for something you'll never want or need. NO being overwhelmed by too much to keep up with. NO expectations, time restraints, or grades. NO having to look 10 places to continue your growth.

New content, courses, videos, and digital products are added each month!

Get the APP NOW to start learning the things you WISH you knew sooner. 

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