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Become the best possible version of yourself.

Our Story

For nearly 100 years, the traditional school systems have become less and less educational, and more and more destructive of true growth, knowledge, and success. The school system has erased learning in exchange for rote memorization and testing of the teacher's ability to teach, not the student's ability to learn. They have replaced the love of exploration, curiosity, and individual growth with a one size fits all model for success which leaves the majority of students overwhelmed and seen as behind. That means every generation alive today, especially our kids, have been raised in an ever more failing, cyclical system with broken and outdated ideas around learning, growth, and success.  

That's why the founder of Skilled Institute and creator of the SKILLED curriculum,  Legit SaraJane did all of this.  The Skilled Institute is a revolutionary education platform dedicated to helping teens and tweens all over America to learn, grow, and share based on who they were created to be and to become. 

SKILLED aims to change the way teens learn. To make it fun again, interesting again, and MEANINGFUL again. To learn all the skills we need at every age to THRIVE in life confidently. 

The Skilled Institute uses the SKILLED curriculum as a Private Umbrella School for home-based-education students aged 11-18. We manage all the record-keeping, reporting, and high school graduation requirements so parents don't have to.


Including App based access to proprietary courses which are offered Online to cover a full range of curricula. Students meet graduation requirements by learning the most important life skills needed for teens to thrive today and well into adulthood. 

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Stop just surviving the teen years. Start THRIVING as you learn, grow, and share.

We know it’s a jungle out there. Learning can be a foreign world and teaching your teens can be challenging for any parent. Were here to partner with you as you pursue your teen's educational goals. With access to courses from anywhere in the world teaching the skills they NEED to thrive today and as adults, SKILLED has your family in mind.

Teens & Parents will have access to full video courses and private community groups to stay connected to other families around the world.

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Enhance your skills.

You don’t have to have to be a math wiz to be great at learning. 

SKILLED curriculum was intentionally designed by and for people who struggled with traditional school models. Learning doesn't have to be hours behind a desk or screen, difficult, OR BORING anymore. We offer video lessons, & resources to learn while keeping it entertaining and focused on how each student learns best. 

Based on an unschooling method, students learn at their own pace, following the interests and needs of their day within a proprietary framework of intentionally developed courses. 

What is an Umbrella School?

The Skilled Instutite is a state-recognized Private School for homeschooled teens

Umbrella schools like The Skilled Institute manage all the state requirements for the student like attendance, record keeping, achievements/"grades", plus graduation requirements and facilitation for homeschooling families. Yes, your teen can earn a Diploma through The Skilled Institute. Yes, it will be recognized and welcomed by colleges and universities. 

Many Umbrella schools ONLY manage the records, but SKILLED offers a full curriculum via ONLINE courses. 

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Download the mobile app to start creating the family lifestyle of your dreams while raising your teens to THRIVE with courses on The Skilled Insititute learning platform for homeschooled teens.

Skilled Institute families get access to exclusive course videos, digital downloads,  and communities. While umbrella school-enrolled students enjoy attendance, record keeping, diplomas, and MORE.​​


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