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HELP! My Teen is Struggling in School

The Top 6 Issues teens complain about when attending traditional (public/private) school are: New beginnings- new classes, teachers, friends, halls Making big decisions- time management, careers, peer pressure, dating, which homework needs to be done first Bullying- exclusion, name calling, teachers, peers Friendship & peer pressure- what's "normal", what's ok, when do I"try new things" or "step out of my comfort zone"? How do I know when I am brave or pressured? Trouble focusing- being forced to "focus" for 7 hours a day leaves them mentally exhausted and wondering how to focus on the right things. Test Anxiety- fear, doubt, pressure, stress, low confidence, fear of failing....

Want to learn more about how to skip the stress and embrace a new way for your teens to learn everything they need to THRIVE in the adult world? Head to out FAQ pages to learn more!

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