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let's grow together

It can be hard to find like-valued friends as adults especially when you have kids of different ages. SKILLED Live hosts events all over South Florida, the Treasure Coast, and surrounding communities to build community and make learning new things fun for all family members. 

Using the SKILLED curriculum, events cover everything from relationships to cooking, managing stress to making friends, dealing with in-laws to growing your food, and sooo much more. Events are held for different age groups: teens only, parents only, and family events. 

While we are here to support the home education community, everyone is welcome. Please invite your friends, tell your neighbors, and join us!


The proceeds from these live events make it possible for us to teach these essential life skills to at-risk communities, first-time parents, and teens in foster care- at no cost to them!

what we do

Through community events, education programs, family building, skill building, getaways, date nights, and more, our families have a blast doing life together. We share and explore our faith, ideas, principles, and innovations that free our minds and live from the box society has tried to trap us in. The goal is to become the person we were created to be, not the person controlled by lies from the world we live in. This way, we can each live our best lives, no matter what's happening in the broken world around us. {not to mention, ok, to mention, events are hosted and taught by the SKILLED curriculum founder, author, and speaker; Legit SaraJane. so there's that}

what we believe

  • free speech- yes

  • second amendment- yes

  • individual learning styles- defiantly 

  • homeschool/unschool- for sure

  • homesteading/sustainability- that too

  • breaking free of the social conditioning of media, schools, and society- mm hmm

  • we were each created as individuals with specific gifts and interests- 100%

  • neurodivergent- proudly 

  • perfection- hard no

  • love everyone- yes

  • like everyone- not possible

  • everyone must agree- hahaha no. there is a right and wrong way to disagree, do it well

  • God, Bible, purpose- yes

  • legalism- no way!

why we exist

More than ever, society is pumping our lives full of thoughts, beliefs, and ideals that do not line up with what we were each created for. SKILLED Live exists to provide community and education to families who want to become the best possible version of themselves. Exploring opportunities to break out of the box designed by an overreaching government, consumerism, and a fallen broken world, our families learn to thrive by embracing the individual gifts, talents, and interests created in each of us. Our families no longer choose to be captives of the world's lies about who we are or whom we can become. We learn better so we can live better. {plus, having friends you trust around your kids and ACTUALLY want to hang out with is primo!}

how it works

Check out our calendar of events. Find events that interest you. Get tickets. Show up. Be yourself. Leave happy. Tell your friends. Do it again. 

want to host an event at your location? click here

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