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SaraJane started her first company at 19 years old and never looked back. Partnering in over a dozen businesses and mentoring dozens more, she has worked with people of all generations, races, and faiths in vastly different businesses. 


Every organization had the same frustrations and SJ began to notice an undeniable pattern holding them back from real growth. The pattern always stemmed from the same problems - bad communication and not leveraging a strong network. 


She thought there had to be a way to bridge all of these huge gaps that society has put between us, so she knew there had to be a better way. She realized that these issues were not only corporate, educational, or family related, but an epidemic spread around the globe in every aspect of life. This is why she created the Best Possible Version of Yourself, 4C Corporate Training, and founded the Love First Project. It's not just talking the talk, see how we walk the walk by putting it all together with the Skilled Learning Platform.


Confident, passionate, and intentional, SaraJane applies her years of experience to bring an empowering, funny, and truly life-changing insight into becoming the Best Possible Version of Yourself

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