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SaraJane spent 17 years as a start-up consultant before becoming a high school teacher, after 12 summers as a camp counselor, and nearly 20 years performing and directing stage performances. Supporting others to become The Best Possible Version of Themselves has been a natural gift of hers since childhood. 


These days, she calls herself a "Maker of Laughter" and a "Giver of Wisdom" because she spends her time bringing light to others' lives through education. She finds joy in supporting them as they find their true calling and the confidence to live it out, based on the natural gifts and talents they were created with. They then can build a lifestyle around their purpose and the natural gifts that make them incredible individuals. That goes for the teens AND their Parents.


Her clients and students are usually overwhelmed with trying to live a full life and doing all the things expected of them by the world. For some, it's the struggle of loneliness, worthlessness, anxiety, or perfectionism. For others, it's the fear of the future because they lack the life skills to thrive, while also suffering from overwhelm or confused about the season they are in. Many are ready to live truly fulfilling lives that include a healthy community of people who support the life they were created to live, not the dream society tells them that they are "supposed" to have. Some are clear on their goals, and others don't know where to start. Some, like SaraJane, have struggled with ADHD, anxiety, & confidence; while many do not. 

Walking alongside families on their journey and using age and context-appropriate content allows her clients to build the skills & confidence they need to harness their individual learning and living styles. Building trust and understanding first, allows Legit SaraJane to individualize her strategies. Teaching her clients and students to apply these strategies and to take ownership of their lives and goals allows them to finally THRIVE instead of just surviving...and start becoming the Best Possible Version of Themselves, just as God intended. 

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