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The modern school system leaves endless gaps in our teen's abilities to be creative, solve problems, be resourceful, build confidence, or love the process of learning. They are left to fit a one size fits all education model that focuses on their teachability, not teens' ability to learn. SKILLED Curriculum CHANGES ALL OF THAT!


Watercolor Spots

Modern teens struggle more than any generation before them in almost every aspect of life. As a former public high school teacher, Founder, Legit SaraJane, saw how incredibly behind teens are when it comes to the skills they will need to survive as adults. So after only a couple of years in the classroom, she left to build SKILLED curriculum. A proprietary and revolutionary curriculum for teens 11-18, that teaches REAL-LIFE Skills. These skills will help your teens THRIVE now and throughout adulthood. 

SKILLED curriculum is available for families all over the world to use to support their teens home-based education. 


SKILLED families get access to exclusive course videos, digital downloads, tracking, and communities. While umbrella school-enrolled students enjoy all that plus state requirements, record keeping, diplomas, and MORE.​​ 



Innovative Approach

We are breaking the mold of traditional schooling. With an Unschool foundation, SKILLED  teaches not only practical skills, but also resourcefulness, self-motivation, and love of learning needed to facilitate true lifelong knowledge and the desire and ability to fulfill the careers and lifestyles they were created for.


Using Biblical truths as the basis for our lessons, SKILLED  offers a unique ability to model grace, faithfulness, purpose, and confidence without getting lost in the negative stereotypes of legalistic Christianity. 

Welcoming ALL teens, no matter their faith, we strive to be a community of people who come together each day to become the Best Possible Version of Themselves. 


Foundational Teaching


While the school system tells us that academic achievement is the key to success, every living generation is proof that this is just not true. Instead, SKILLED focuses on life skills and empowering learners to seek out knowledge in ways that excite them so they can be successful in ALL situations, not just traditional education-based ones. 


Sustainability Minded

With upcoming recessions, it's more important than it has been in 100 years for our teens to know how to provide for themselves and their families as they enter adulthood. We share everyday life skills along with skills like canning, sewing, gardening, and more. This way our students will have ALL the skills they need to live the lifestyle of their dreams, no matter what's happening economically. 

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As a public high school teacher, Founder, Legit SaraJane, quickly realized how few of our teens were prepared to THRIVE in the adult world. In fact, they would barely survive. Working with thousands of teens over the last 25 years, LSJ knew there needed to be an education option that would allow students to not only learn to survive in the busy, overwhelming, stressful, hard adult world... but actually be able to THRIVE!

The Skilled Institute uses the proprietary SKILLED curriculum. It is built on the Biblical foundations that we were each created in very intentional and very individual ways for specific purposes and callings. This means that the traditional way of schooling, which uses a single measurement of success for everyone, is just not realistic to develop the skills and confidence each person needs to live fulfilling lives within their God-designed purpose. That also means that each student should have an opportunity to learn about who they were created to be and become in the ways that work best for their individual learning styles. 

We are able to naturally develop our student's confidence, self-awareness, healthy coping skills, and accountability through the learning of life skills. These life skills range from using tools to cooking, cleaning, canning, gardening, and first aid. They also include lessons on communication, healthy relationship building, time management, collaboration, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

Students also learn Biblical truth, math, science, history, culture, reading, and writing skills naturally as they explore various topics through the development of these skills. Ultimately, making learning fun and interesting again! 

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