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Skilled Learning

As a public high school teacher, Founder, Legit SaraJane, quickly realized how few of our teens were prepared to THRIVE in the adult world. In fact, they would barely survive. Working with thousands of teens over the last 25 years, LSJ knew there needed to be an education option that would allow students to not only learn to survive in the busy, overwhelming, stressful, hard adult world... but actually be able to THRIVE. And their parents kept asking for something for themselves too!

The Skilled Learning Platform uses the proprietary SKILLED curriculum. It is built on the Biblical foundations that we were each created in very intentional and very individual ways for specific purposes and callings. This means that the traditional way of schooling, which uses a single measurement of success for everyone, is just not realistic to develop the skills and confidence each person needs to live fulfilling lives within their God-designed purpose. That also means that each student should have an opportunity to learn about whom they were created to be and become in the ways that work best for their individual learning styles. teens are frustrated and parents are struggling to thrive having experienced a similar education as teens.

Skilled is able to naturally develop our student's confidence, self-awareness, healthy coping skills, and accountability through the learning of life skills, gift skills, and hobbies. These skills range from using tools to cooking, cleaning, budgeting, gardening, and first aid. They also include lessons on communication, healthy relationship building, time management, collaboration, living a healthy lifestyle., survival skills, art, and how to buy a home, raise animals, or host a party. 

Instructors focus on grace, learning from mistakes, and growth- NEVER grades or perfection. Ultimately, making learning fun and interesting again! 

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